YOUTH at it’s BEST – WISDOM at it’s most BEAUTIFUL

Let’s take a moment and arrive together with the understanding that beauty is more then age. It really is!
It’s about a positive attitude of yourself, and a passion for understanding and excepting at the same time. And maintaining a healthy approach to the ever-changing and know that we can always choose to make improvements by just letting go…. by simply changing a product here and there.

It really isn’t difficult to recreate the radiance of your youth. And as our skin goes though changes it needs more moisture. So we need to let go of the heavy liquid foundations as well as powdery foundations and trade in for moisture tints and creamy minerals and illuminating face primers. And lets let go of the frosty pearl eye shadows and set them aside for a wiser choice and replacing them with new velvety mattes. Yes it’s that simple…or is it? It can get confusing out there in the crazy world of “beauty.”

We invite you to schedule an appointment with Elizabeth Moon, and together you will make some simple changes by updating your personal color palette. That’s how your radiance of youth will be found!

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