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Your Summer trip booked ……. and 5 essential beauty products…

Your Summer trip booked …….

and 5 essential beauty products that are coming with you!


After a long Winter and short and almost missed Spring, you have your sights on that epic vacation (or weekend). The type of getaway that will define your Summer 2019 memories along with a bag full of selfies and amazing Instagram stories. On top of those last minute workouts, flash diets, and possibly spray tans, you have an arsenal of beauty products. Not all of these products are worthy of your fabulous getaway only a few and the essentials will make the cut.
You have given a lot of thought to your outfits, and you have secured accommodations as well as dinner reservations even though you know things might not pan out. However, your beauty army has your back, and along with the confidence, you will cruise flawlessly through your epic Summer getaway.


WET brush

If you only have room for one brush, this is the ONE!
The ultra-soft bristles of the Wet brush glide through tangles with ease and little effort on your part. You will minimize the pain and protect against split ends. The WET hair brush is a game changer.


Rene Furterer Naturia dry shampoo

This easy to use aerosol absorbs oil and other impurities to restore natural bounce. It leaves hair lightly scented and refreshed while extending the life of regular shampoos. Use it everywhere and anytime! Dry shampoo is ideal for the first 3-4 days after Keratin smoothing as well as after the gym or long flights. Spray it 10 inches away from the head and concentrate on the root. Leave it on for two minutes, pat gently with a towel and then brush your hair. There are no parabens or sulfates in Naturia, and it has essential oils of Caraway, Basil, and Peppermint to clean and balance scalp along with a great scent.


Skinceuticals Physical Fusion tinted sunblock

This is a no-brainer….. protect your skin with this high SPF(50) sunblock which has a natural skin colored tint to blend with your complexion. You are “in it to win it”, and nobody wants to look like a tourist. This smart paraben free sunblock has the research of a medical grade company behind it to protect your skin from UV rays and photoaging.


R + Co moisture shine creme

R & Co ‘s High Dive has been formulated to smoothen and seal the hair, it moisturizes, softens and drowns out frizz.
Work through your dry towel hair, air dry or blow dry, and it will work as a leave-in conditioner.
Perfect for styles that favor moisture over hold; smooth – textured looks.



Ouidad ‘s Climate Control Gel (travel size) For the curly haired …. a must!!!!
Humidity: It’s every curl’s nightmare. That’s because curly hair’s unique structure exposes its cuticle. When humidity gets in, curls expand with unwanted volume and they look frizzy, undefined, and dull. This summer command frizz and conquer the heat with curls that flex their natural texture, hold their style, and leave the crunch behind.
Divide damp hair into sections. Rake a nickel-size amount of gel through each section, using fingertips to seal and smooth the cuticle from roots to ends. When finished, hold the ends of hair in each section and shake to create curls. Let hair air-dry or blowdry with a diffuser.

If you can minimize the list of beauty products in your luggage, you will make room for the extra bikini or pair of new shoes that you have been waiting to show off. Save time without checking additional bags, carry-on the essentials in travel size containers and say “Hello!” to your well-deserved getaway this Summer.