Winter Skin TLC

As winter quickly approaches, it’s time to give your hands and feet a little TLC to help keep them in optimal condition during the cold weather months. A few quick and easy tips from nail technician Tatyana Makaryan will take the guesswork out of your winter nail routine. For your hands – moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Tatyana suggests using a light hand moisturizer such as Dr. Hauschka’s Hand Cream every morning. Save your heavier, more intense moisturizers for night time. Tatyana encourages her clients to use a cuticle oil at night. All it takes is a few drops gently massaged into the nail bed and cuticle of each nail three to four times a week, followed by a heavier moisturizing lotion on your hands. Often times we neglect our feet in the winter because we aren’t showing them off in sandals or flip-flops. Implementing a quick and simple routine for your feet will not only improve how they look, it will also soothe tired feet and help invigorate you. Using an exfoliating scrub on your feet in the shower is a key step to winter foot care. Using a scrub twice a week helps keep your feet smooth and removes dry skin. Tatyana prefers to use an exfoliating scrub that has peppermint oil or rosemary oil in it to help refresh the feet as well. Every night, she suggests that you apply a very heavy moisturizing lotion or even Vaseline to your feet and then cover them with a pair of socks. These tips from Tatyana will help prevent the drying effects the cold weather has on our hands and feet as well as encouraging you to pamper yourself a bit.