Winter Blues? Add Some Sparkle

Do you ever find yourself battling the winter blues? Are you struggling to find a way to express yourself through all of the sweaters, scarves and hats that the unpredictable New England weather forces upon us? Do you want to show off your personality even when wearing your less than inspiring winter color palette? This season, why not add some excitement to your “look” by trying out one of manicurist Tatyana Makaryan’s favorite nail trends. Here are some easy tricks to making a huge impact.  After all, it’s the details that count…..

  • Add a layer of sparkle over your favorite polish color or shellac polish
  • Elevate your traditional French manicure by polishing the tips of your nails with glitter
  • When wearing a dark polish, paint over half of your nail with a contrasting color to pack a punch
  • Pick a bold overall color and then accent the corners of your nails with intense glitter
  • Try a bold tipped French manicure by painting your nail red and then accenting the tips with black polish
  • If you’re uncomfortable embracing the traditionally dark winter colors, stick with a bubble gum pink or periwinkle shade, then add a layer of sparkles or a corner of concentrated glitter for an “icy” effect
  • You can also wear these trends in a less dramatic way by adding the glitter or contrasting color to only one of your nails for a more subtle result