What’s Your Favorite Sex & The City Look?

The favorite at Roffi Salon is definitely Carrie Bradshaw’s curls. Carrie’s curly look we recreated is very relaxed and undefined curls. Anyone can wear this look whether you are going out for a night in the city or just wearing your favorite heels around your apartment.
5  Easy Steps to Recreating This Look
1. A blow-dry product is key to getting a great base to this look. If you have fine hair, using a  volumizing mouse (such a Volumea by Rene Furterer) or a root lift spray before you start to dry and working into the root area will help create some volume. If you have coarse hair, we would suggest using a smoothing product (such as the fabulous new Lissea by Rene Furterer) working from your ends an inch off the scalp before you blow dry.
2. After your hair is completely dry, section into 4 sections, take a horseshoe section at the top of your head, two on each side, stopping behind the ear, and one big section in the back.
3. We used a 1-1/4” inch curling iron on our model in 2 inch sections of hair. Work from the bottom of your hair to the top building curls on top of one another.
4. Once your hair is completely curled, flip it upside down and spray some hair spray and then flip it back.
5. Next we suggest using a finishing crème (such as Detailing Crème by Aquage) to break up the curls and give your hair a lot of natural movement. And you’re done!