Summertime Curly Girls

Summer is in full swing, it’s too hot to blow dry your hair straight, so why not embrace your natural texture with some of Ouidad’s Wave Create products. With Sea Spray and Texture Taffy you can look like you’ve been to the beach even if you haven’t!

These products create a tousled, sexy textured look on almost any type of hair. Texture Taffy is a great product to help vamp up and form waves, even if you have relatively straight hair. Work this product into your rake and shake routine instead of a gel or use it alone. Rub the product into your hands and work it in from roots to ends in 2-3 inch sections of hair. The product dries leaving the hair soft and flexible without a sticky residue.

Sea Spray can be used on wet or dry hair or a mixture of both for a more textured look. Sea Spray locks your natural wave in place. On damp hair spray liberally all over and scrunch in; hair can be air dried or diffused. Once the hair is dry you’ll look like you just left the salt water. If you feel as though you need more texture just spray some more. Texture Taffy helps create more of a wavy look on hair that is naturally straight and the Sea Spray is a great way to achieve the most envious beach curls!