Simple Steps for a Quick New Look for the New Year

Often times our clients come to us saying they are in a rut with their hair. They may not want a new haircut or to change their color, but they want options for quick new looks. At Roffi Salon, we often give simple updo classes or show clients how to take their everyday hair style and push it just a bit further.
The easiest way to change your everyday look is to incorporate hair accessories into your wardrobe. Not only do they have the ability to elevate a simple ponytail or long wavy hair, hair accessories can be the detail that brings your outfit together. Hair accessories are also a quick way to add a splash of color or a bit of sparkle to your appearance.

Here are a few quick and simple ways to incorporate hair accessories……

*When wearing a messy bun, polish it up with a bow or a headband. The larger and messier the bun is – the bolder the headband can be.

*Put a twist on your ponytail by adding a cute jeweled elastic. Take it a step further by braiding the ponytail and then pulling random pieces of hair loose for a more modern look.

*For those of you most comfortable wearing your hair down, add a headband for some added style.

Incorporating a few of these easy tips into your regular hair routine will add another layer of interest to your appearance and help shake off those winter blues.