Second Day Wear is Best for Hair

Washing hair everyday is never the best treatment for lustrous strands. Depleting hair of its natural producing oils will result in dry brittle looking hair, and during the winter months with less moisture in the air you can be prone to much more static. Using a dry shampoo such as Rene Furterer Naturia, which contains pure minerals of obsidian and smithsonite that remove build-up by binding to the oils in air instead of water allow strands to never feel weighed down or dull. Dry shampoo and a simple style are the best ways to pull off your chic second-day look with little time and ease.

We’re giving you a quick how-to on this season’s famous bun with a twist!

– Start by combing your hair into a pony tail on the top of your head and secure with an elastic.

-Gently tease the hair in multiple sections (between 3-6) to create stability and structure in the mid-strands of the pony hair.

– Lightly comb and wrap the hair in a continuous circular motion to form the bun, strands will start to form together with help of teasing and same continuous motion.

– Pin ends of hair towards center of head (elastic of pony) once all is wrapped. You may add any pins in the same way for shorter pieces that need control or any heavy hair types for more support.

-Once all ends and bun is secure, front fringe is the last piece of our finished look.

-Depending on face shape and overall vision of the look you may want to leave fringe out or natural. Our look shows we decided to pin it back within the bun, leaving only some small pieces around the face to keep an organic style.