Precious Oil

Versatile, all natural and simple; Precious Oil versatile caring oil is an amazing product that has also made itself innovative and a first of its kind. Using a blend of sunflower  seed, coconut, olive and jojoba oils and only that allows this miracle product to be used in many ways. Staying away from any silicones or parabens awarded this product the Green Seal award, which says a lot for a beauty product. Using only non-toxic ingredients, non-harmful to the environment and 100% natural are a few of the criteria for the award. Whether your hair is feeling dry and dull or brittle and porous this is your go to!

Not only can Precious oil be used on hair dry after styling, it can also be used on damp hair before drying or in conjunction with another styling product. It doesn’t stop there, this oil is so light weight it can be used on skin to nourish and add shine, after working through hair just emulsify throughout hands and cuticles.