Keeping Tresses Looking Terrific!

Part of our job as hair stylists is to educate our clients about hair care at home. This enables our clients to not only keep their hair healthy and prolong their color, but also gives them the skills to replicate their salon styles.  An important step is helping our clients choose the proper hair tools for home.
Often, there are certain elements to styling hair that are more important to our clients. Maybe one client always blows out her hair while another doesn’t. Or perhaps a curling iron is often used by someone to add texture to their hair. By knowing our clients’ needs and their lifestyle we are better equipped to help them select styling tools for home use and then teach them how to properly use them.
Here are a few key items that are favorites of the stylists at our salon:

Bio Ionic Whisper Light Blow Dryer  

This blow dryer is light weight, has multiple heat and power settings, and a cool button that helps lock in the style.

Babyliss Curling Iron

These irons are not only a favorite of the stylists at Roffi Salon but also our clients.  Babyliss irons have multiple heat settings and a relaxed spring in the clamp allowing the iron to gently slide through hair. Less tugging and pulling results in less damage!

Technique Round Brushes

By far the most popular round brush used at our salon. This metal round brush comes in multiple sizes and provides  proper tension while blowing out hair yet it doesn’t snag or pull too hard.


Anyone who wears their hair wavy or curly should be using a diffuser. At our salon we strongly prefer the hard plastic “cupped” style of diffuser over the “sock” style. Diffusers allow you to better style textured hair without creating frizz.

The “WET” Brush

A  brush made especially for  detangling wet hair, this has been a top seller at our salon. It gently  smooths and  detangles  wet hair without snagging or pulling. It’s amazing for kids as well as adults.

CHI Flat Iron

This is a great choice for those who flat iron their hair on a regular basis. It maintains a constant temperature so that the heat doesn’t surge or drop at random intervals during use. The CHI flat iron comes in multiple sizes so there are options for people depending on hair length, texture and comfort level. When used properly, this flat iron glides through the hair with proper heat so that one pass over the section is enough. * Remember – your hair should be 100% dry before using a flat iron.

If you’re unsure which styling tools are best for you just ask your stylist. At Roffi Salon we have found it helpful to have clients come in for lessons on how to style their hair. Often the client is making one little mistake that can be easily corrected. As hairstylists we want our clients to look amazing every day – not just when leaving the salon. After all, when you look good, we look good!