Keep Your Color Fresh Between Appointments

Make sure you use a color protecting shampoo & conditioner on a regular basis, such as Essential Repair Shampoo & Conditioner from Pureology. Some even have UV protection (like Okara Color Protection from Rene Furterer) which is an added bonus.

Use a color pigment shampoo, like Startec Coloristeur. It can be custom blended for you at the salon to match your specific color! It will refresh the tone of your hair color. This is a once a week treatment. It’s not a cleansing shampoo, so make sure to use your regular color protecting shampoo first, and then use your color pigment shampoo before you condition.

Come into the salon for a glaze in between your color appointments. This will reseal the color and leave your hair looking fresh, shiny & revitalized. A glaze can help to extend your color for several more weeks. The one we like is Prizms Plus by Matrix.


You have invested time & money into your color, and these are simple ways to keep your hair continually looking beautiful