It Is The Question That Enlightens…Your New Look

by Jim Berry, Interpersonal Communication Coach, Business Coach to Roffi Salon

Asking smart questions and actively listening to the responses are how professional women and men know what action is needed to ensure success.  As a communication coach, one of the things I “do” with my business and personal coaching clients is to model how to form powerful questions that make a difference.  Through coaching, they discover how knowing the right question to ask, and when to ask it helps distinguish facts from assumptions, resulting in increased mutual understanding, while minimizing disappointing surprises.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “How does asking good questions help me to look good?”  Good question!  Let’s imagine you have decided it’s time to update your look with a new hairstyle.  By asking yourself and your hairstylist some strategic questions you will be able to communicate to your stylist a more precise description of the new look you want created.  The more specific you can be in describing your desired vision, the closer your stylist will come to matching it.

First, before you go to the salon, find a photo of the hairstyle you are considering.  Looking at the photo, ask yourself:

  • What is it you like about the style in the photo?
  • What does the style convey to you about the person who wears it?  
  • What is it you don’t like about the photo’s hairstyle? 

Show your photo example to your stylist at your consultation.  Describe in detail your responses to the questions you asked yourself.  Then ask your stylist for her/his professional assessment.  When the stylist is finished, ask yourself if the assessment included…

  • What he/she likes about this style for you?
  • What his/her professional concerns are?
  • Suggested modifications to make it better?
  • What are her/his thoughts about this style working for you?
  • What is needed to be done to achieve and maintain this look?

Actively listen.  If you are not clear about something said, repeat what it is you think you heard.  Your stylist’s expert evaluation and suggestions may inspire questions you hadn’t thought of before.   If you have a question, now is the time to ask it!

Conclude your consultation by clarifying with your stylist in your own words what you understand he/she is going to do to achieve your new look.  When you feel you and your stylist are in agreement and you have no more questions, you are ready.   The new look you’ve imagined for yourself will soon be an exciting new reality.   No question about it!

Jim Berry is owner of Berry Communications, an interpersonal communication coaching and consulting business.  Jim specializes in working with individuals who want to communicate more effectively in order to achieve personal/professional goals, career advancement and more productive collaborations.  Contact him at 603-750-4114 or email