Hairskeen Hair Restoration in Boston

Brady Brumfield, the winner ‘Best of Boston’ for Men’s Cutting in 2012 from Improper Bostonian Magazine and in 2013 from Boston Magazine, Restores Hair with Hairskeen at Roffi Hair Salon & Day Spa Boston

An ambition of expertise, know-how, and technicity for an ultra-performing solution.

Developed by hairstylists and hair professionals, the Hairskeen solution will give you the look you want, the style you dream of. Just imagine the feeling of having a full head of hair again!

The Hairskeen Solution is created by Cosmecare, the  European leader in hair replacement under the artistic direction of international hairdressing artist and four-time world champion hairdresser Raphael Perrier.

Hairskeen is a selection of unique hair replacements that combines high-tech aesthetics with natural-looking designs to easily regain your hair without surgery.

Hairskeen adapts to all types of hair loss. Solutions are created with extreme finesse benefiting from the latest technological advances, including innovative materials for an ultra-natural custom-made result.

Inspired by cinema and adopted by international stars, Hairskeen is the ultra-confidential solution to regain the pure pleasure of combing your hair with style.

Eric Famechon, the creator of Cosmecare, understands we are in the business of helping people feel and look better about themselves. He firmly believes, as Brady does, that it is imperative that you lead with your heart and the value of compassion that will be reflective of every product and service.

You can book an appointment with Brady Brumfield, who is certified with Hairskeen, for a 15-minute consultation to learn more about what Hairskeen can do for you.  Our private hair replacement room provides clients with complete privacy and comfort.

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