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Susanne Palmacci, Master Stylist – Roffi Salon and Day Spa Boston

You can have great looking hair at any age.

But, like anything else, it takes a little work and some commitment. It’s never too early or too late to start truly caring for your hair!

Visiting the salon is only a small part of the puzzle—the rest is up to you. And, here’re some details on where to begin!

To get started, consult with your salon professional, who can suggest what products will work best for you. They can then zero in on your specific needs and concerns—not just what your friend uses, not what was on sale that week and not what’s left over in the shower.

And this perfect product can change—don’t be attached to one favorite shampoo, conditioner or even styling product that you’ve been using for the past 5—or even 2—years. Technology has changed and improved every aspect of hair products, so you can maximize hair treatment advancements to get the best care for you and your hair, always.

Let’s start with the basic process of shampooing and conditioning.

Depending on your specific needs, it’s always a good idea to keep two sets of products on hands such as a clarifying shampoo and a strengthening one with their conditioner counterparts. If you exercise on a regular basis, other combinations apply. If your hair looks and feels dry and lifeless, a hydrating mask will add shine, restore elasticity and enhance your hair’s body, i.e. volume. I had a client tell me that she used a deep conditioning mask but that, “It didn’t do anything.” I asked her “How often do you use that particular treatment?” She answered, “Once. This was obviously too little of a frequency to achieve the desired hair-effect.

So, here’s where the commitment on your part comes in.

To get results, a deep conditioning mask should be applied once a week. Apply after shampooing, wrap your hair in a plastic cap and leave on for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, rinse and then complete styling. Do this for one month, after which you will continue the treatment every two weeks. At this point evaluate the condition of your hair. If needed, continue this schedule until your desired results.  Then, you can maintain the treatment once a month.

Seasons also dictate product usage. 

Generally, warm weather requires adding more moisture to the hair, starting with a hydrating shampoo and a conditioner (for easy comb-out) and a leave-in conditioner. The precise combination is determined by the type and condition of the hair from the start. Also, many styling products are specific to adding moisture without weight. Cold weather generally requires less shampooing of the hair, as the scalp does not perspire as much. If you exercise, you will need to shampoo, or at least rinse out and condition, as often as you exercise. Regular conditioning in the shower is advisable but leave in 3 to 5 minutes for best results. After blow-drying, apply hair spray to your brush to eliminate any static that the hair dryer produces.

Travel affects your product choices, too.

Most products come in travel size containers, so you don’t have to depend on hotel giveaways. 🙂 They generally are not very favorable to the condition of your hair or to the finished styling. Also important for getaways, if you’re planning a warm-weather vacation, be sure to pack sunscreen products for your hair and scalp.

These products can be applied before hitting the beach or pool and can be reapplied after swimming without leaving your hair greasy. These products are meant to block UV rays, resist chlorine and act as a leave-in conditioner. 

Glossing or glazing is another way to create shine and healthy looking hair.

This is an in-salon treatment that will bridge the gap between services. Whether you have a color service as part of your appointment or not, glossing or glazing can bring out the shine and encourage overall healthier-looking hair. These treatments can be customized to give your hair an enriched finish or just to add a hint of toning with a sheer, subtle color bringing out any highlights or lowlights you may have.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to keep on top of your hair care–at any age. And, many different factors that contribute to making the best choices for your locks—choices which should be regularly re-evaluated in consultation with your professional hair stylist.

Thanks for taking a glance at these tips on keeping your mane in tip-top shape and feel free to come in, e-mail or call to talk about what’s best for you and your hair, now and as time goes by.


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