Fight Static

Temperature has sure been dropping this winter season, thanks to that “polar vortex.” Is the winter weather causing hair static that’s got you down and stuck? Once the temperature drops and the air dries up, negatively charged electrons leave the hair, keeping only positive charges left which resist each other, causing static to occur. Women with thin, finer or more vulnerable hair types feel these static effects even more. Here are some helpful tips to help you combat this unwanted hair dilemma.

-Keep hair moisturized with hydrators and oils. Hydrating moisturizers such as camelina, olive and coconut oils all deeply penetrate hair strands resulting in more conditioned quenched hair. All of these beneficial ingredients and a very low pH of 3.7, which seals the cuticle, can be found in Pureology Colour Fanatic.

-Hats, scarves and wool are must haves with these low temperatures to keep warm, but they also give off charges that hair picks up causing static. Misting a little hairspray like Aquage working spray, or shine anit-frizz spray such as JOICO Humidity Blocker either directly into dry hair or on a brush first will end this.

-Leaving the house with wet hair during this season is a big No Way! Strands are much more vulnerable and will pick up charges as its drying; also staying away from any plastic combs or brushes. Using metal based brushes and natural boar bristled work much better. They heat up easier helping to resulting in setting off the positive charge.