Braid Hair

Kudos to all of the creative meteorologists who have finally started posting what kind of hair days we should be expecting during these hot and humid months! Curly, frizzy, and ponytail have been some of conditions to expect. Well what about these extreme heat waves that require a consistent ponytail to beat the heat? Tired of your simple ponytail or effortless top knot? Spice things up with an “up-the-back braid”! Whether it be for an elegant updo, an everyday pony, or a work ready sock bun, try throwing a braid that goes from the nape of your neck up to where your high pony or bun starts. Secure the braid with a clear elastic and combine the hair into your “do”. This is a great way to take your look to the next level and to secure hair up and off of your neck. This technique may be difficult to master at first but practice makes perfect! Happy Braiding!