A French Twist

Michael’s favorite up style is the classic French twist. To make it more modern, we like to do a disheveled version. Here is the step-by-step guide.

Start with day-old hair, that’s been washed with a volumizing shampoo.

Step One: Create volume by teasing hair at the crown with a comb. Use a lightweight, flexible hairspray such as Aquage Finishing Spray on each section.

Step Two: Gather hair in one hand at a low ponytail position.

Step Three: Twist hair upward, towards your crown.

Step Four: Secure the hair while your hand holds it in place using bobby pins.

Step Five: Use more bobby pins to stabilize the twist after you remove your hand.

Step Six: Pull out a few loose ends and let them fall free. Spray hair lightly with Aquage Finishing Spray all over.